Worth reading: Segregation, sexual harassment, and silencing scientists

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A few of the recent pieces I recommend reading:

Vox’s Sean Illing interviews Nikole Hannah-Jones: “Schools are segregated because white people want them that way”

Roxane Gay in the New York Times: Dear Men: It’s You, Too

Brady Dennis and Juliet Eilperin in the Washington Post: ‘Let us do our job’: Anger erupts over EPA’s apparent muzzling of scientists

Rita Schoeny at the Union of Concerned Scientists Blog: I Am a 30-Year Veteran Scientist from US EPA; I Can’t Afford to Be Discouraged

For HuffPost Highline, Lydia Polgreen interviews Sharon McGowan, Walter Shaub, Mike Cox, and Ned Price about leaving their federal careers: Four Quitters Walk Into a Bar…

Robyn Powell at Rewire: How Betsy Devos’ Title IX Actions Will Hurt Students With Disabilities

Jeff Goodell in Rolling Stone: The Climate Apartheid: How Global Warming Affects the Rich and Poor

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