May 19, 2019 Liz Borkowski, MPH 0Comment

A few of the recent pieces I recommend reading:

Renee Bracey Sherman at Vox: Recent abortion bans will impact poor people and people of color most

Kim Kelly in The New Republic: Sara Nelson’s Art of War: The flight attendant union leader knows how to strike fear in the heart of bosses—and not just in the airline industry.

Ayana Elizabeth Johnson in Scientific American: We Must Defend Science in the Face of Political Attacks

Helen Branswell at STAT: Could an emergency declaration over Ebola make a bad situation worse?

Two articles on the fate of rural hospitals: Sarah Jane Tribble’s “Dealing With Hospital Closure, Pioneer Kansas Town Asks: What Comes Next?” (Kaiser Health News/NPR) and Eli Saslow’s “Who’s going to take care of these people?” (Washington Post)

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