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New reports on past disasters are in the news this week. Today, the Mine Safety and Health Administration released its report on the Sago Mine Disaster, which killed 12 mine workers; the report cites lightning for sparking the explosion that trapped the miners underground. A clinical study clearly linking World Trade Center dust to serious diseases – including sarcoidosis, a rare lung-scarring condition – was published in the medical journal Chest. And an internal report by BP about the deadly 2005 blast at its Texas City refinery recommends that four executives and managers be fired for failing to perform their job duties; the document had been confidential, but was released under court order.

In other news:

Reuters: Research presented at the Parkinson’s Disease Environmental Research meeting strengthens the link between pesticide exposure and Parkinson’s disease.

New York Times: At least 238 of New York’s subway workers have been killed on the job since 1946. Marvin Franklin, 55, was the most recent victim.

Louisville Courier-Journal: A new bill introduced in the House would provide injury insurance for jockeys and others who work in horse racing.

Occupational Hazards: OSHA will be following up with employers who received letters notifying them of ergonomic hazards at their work sites.

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