November 2, 2007 The Pump Handle 0Comment

A lot of public health-related legislation is making its way through Congress these days, and bloggers are taking note.


Angry Toxicologist looks into the safe level of bacon consumption.

MarkH at denialism blog refutes the “doctors are conspiring to convince you you’re sick!” claim, and in doing so explains epidemiology behind health recommendations.

Maggie Mahar at Health Beat explores the reasons and ramifications behind the flow of foreign-born doctors to the U.S. (see her related post on the effect of medical school tuition on U.S. applicants, too).

Matt Madia at Reg Watch checks EPA’s progress on greenhouse gas emission regulation, and what he finds does not inspire much confidence.

Amanda at Enviroblog examines the problem of mercury near coal-fired power plants.

Joe at Climate Progress reminds us that nuclear power has an important Achilles heel: it needs lots of water, which is in short supply in several parts of the country.

April Harding at Global Health Policy wonders if now is really the time when malaria can be eradicated.

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