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The Charleston Gazette’s Ken Ward, one of the few reporters in the country who writes consistently about worker health and safety issues, is featured on EXPOSE: America’s Investigative Reports.  The episode entitled “Sustained Outrage” depicts Ward’s approach to covering coal mine disasters like the 2006 Sago tragedy:

“When other reporters are zigging, I’m zagging,”

describing his talent for investigating these fatalities well beyond the headline and long after the cameras are turned off.  The 24-minute episode describes how Ken Ward created a database using information from more than 300 MSHA investigation reports covering the last 10 years.  His story “Disasters make headlines, but most miners killed on the job die alone” is familiar to all advocates for workplace safety improvements.   “Sustained Outrage” also features Sara Bailey and Stella Morris (family member victims of coal mine fatalities), the Gazette’s Tara Tuckwiller and editor Robert Byers who says that Ken Ward can be a tough reporter to manage (because of his sustained outrage and persistence), can be viewed on-line .

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