March 12, 2007 The Pump Handle 2Comment

Several months ago, Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao published the Department’s regulatory agenda.  This document lists all of the regulations the Department “expects to have under active consideration for promulgation, proposal, or review during the coming 1-year period.”  The notice published in the December 12, 2006 Federal Register (71 FR 73539) stated that the “agencies […]

March 9, 2007 The Pump Handle 6Comment

By Jennifer Sass and Sarah Janssen As described in earlier posts (here and here), the NIH’s National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) has contracted the work of the Center for the Evaluation of Risks to Human Reproduction (CERHR) out to the consulting company Sciences International. This issue received public attention just as CERHR’s scheduled review […]

March 9, 2007 The Pump Handle 1Comment

By David Michaels Since my post on privatizing federal science, I have learned more about Sciences International and owe them an apology. I said in my post, “Sciences International is not a hack company; it employs some very respected scientists who do excellent work.” But that was buried in the post. Since writing the post, […]

March 9, 2007 The Pump Handle

One of the great things about the blogosphere is that even when several bloggers are writing about the same story, they’re covering different angles. Here are a couple of examples of posts that complement our posts from the past week: As a complement to Revere’s post on the FDA’s cefquinome decision, check out The Olive […]

March 9, 2007 The Pump Handle

CBS News correspodent Bob Simon traveled to eastern Kentucky to investigate the hazards faced by underground coal miners.  His conversation with women who lost their husbands in the May 2006 Darby Mine disaster will air on this Sunday, March 11 at 7:00 PM (EST).

March 8, 2007 The Pump Handle 1Comment

by Les Boden For the past several years, Nevada employers and insurers could avoid paying workers’ compensation benefits to workers who had positive drug tests. According to an article in Occupational Hazards, this led to the denial of 10%-12% of claims filed in Nevada. But there’s a loophole that the Nevada legislature is considering closing. […]

March 8, 2007 The Pump Handle 3Comment

by Liz Borkowski  It’s International Women’s Day, and the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women is holding its 51st session with the theme of “the elimination of all forms of discrimination and violence against the girl child.” Elisha Dunn-Georgiou at RH Reality Check reports that this theme, which you’d expect to get broad […]

March 7, 2007 The Pump Handle 2Comment

by Liz Borkowski  On Sunday, Marla Cone of the LA Times wrote about a federal health center contracting out the work of assessing potentially dangerous chemicals to a company with chemical-industry ties (see David Michaels’s post for reasons to be wary of this particular contractor). Her story in today’s paper shows that shining a light […]

March 7, 2007 The Pump Handle

Worker issues were in the spotlight on Capitol Hill this past week. Senator Patty Murray of Washington state introduced legislation to ban asbestos, and the hearing on the bill featured testimony from John Thayer, head of a crew that works in the tunnels running beneath the U.S. Capitol. He explained that he and his crew […]